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    3. 河南k8.com半导体照明科技有限公司

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        Henan INSOAR Semiconductor Lighting Technical Co., Ltd is located in Efong LED park, Industry road, Qinyang City, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. It is a high-tech Enterprise integrating  R&D, production and sales of LED Package and LED lighting application products. The company has introduced advanced complete sets of production equipment and advanced testing equipment at home and abroad. All use brand  raw materials to achieve scale, standardization, high quality and diversified production. At the same time, relying on strong financial resources and high-end human resources, the company aims to “strive To become one of the world-class high-quality backlight supplier”. The company will insist on scientific and technological innovation, technological advancement,and vigorously building the most influential international brands in the lighting industry in the 21st Century to promote the development of green LED application industry.

         Henan INSOAR Semiconductor Lighting Technical Co., Ltd plans To invest 2 billion Yuan in 5-10 years to create the first-class  LED Optoelectronic Industry Park with the most complete facilities, best features, best service and the lowest investment costs. The park is planned to be built in two phases. In the first phrase, LED Package and lighting application projects were mainly constructed. The First-phase Project, with an annual output of 500 (kk) LED Package and 1 Million LED Lighting Fixtures, which has been completed and put into operation In December 2011.

        At present, the company's production and sales are booming. The domestic business mainly focuses on backlight companies such as BOE, Taiwan Cowin, Haoyu etc; The foreign markets mainly have  the United States, Thailand, Romania and South Korea.