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          LED lighting reliability

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            An Important Reason For The Low Lifetime Of Led Driving Power Supply Is The Lack Of The Life Time Of The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Required For Driving The Power Supply. The Primary Reason Is That The Ambient Temperature Inside The Led Lamp Is High During Long-time Operation, Resulting In Rapid Electrolyte Of The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor. Being Depleted, The Number Of Longevity Is Greatly Shortened, Usually Only About 5,000 Hours Of Work. The Longevity Of The Led Light Source Is 50,000 Hours, So The Operating Life Of The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Has Become The Shortest Rib Of The Led Driver Power Supply.

            Nowadays, In Order To Deal With This Problem, Some Suppliers Have Created Led-free Power Supply Plans For Aluminum-free Electrolytic Capacitors. But Not All Suppliers Of Led Driver Power Support This Approach. Chen Hao Pointed Out: "no Current Led Driver In Mass Production Is Driven By A Non-electrolytic Capacitor Driver Scheme. Without It, Many Tests Can Not Be Passed, Such As The Emi Test And The Flicker-free Test."

            The Use Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Led Drive Power Plan Is Very Simple, Usually The Above Test, Pcb Copy Board If Replaced By Film Capacitors And Ceramic Capacitors Or Tantalum Capacitors, How Is The Situation? Film Capacitor To Reach The Same Capacitance (usually 100-220uf), The Volume Will Be Large, And The Cost Is Too High, Ceramic Capacitors Are Usually Too Small, Such As The Use Of Multiple Ceramic Capacitors To Complete Such A Large Capacity, The Board Area And The Cost Is Too Large, Tantalum Capacitors To Have Such A Large Capacity, One Is Too Expensive, But The Pressure Is Too Low To Meet The Demand, And Therefore Replaced By Any Other Type Of Capacitor, Basically Not Too Bulky, Or Too Expensive, If These Defects Are Replaced With Capacitors With Smaller Capacity, The Effect Of Eliminating Ripple Is Not So Good. Many Of The Strict Certification Test Targets Required For Export Products Cannot Pass. Therefore, The Current High-quality Led Drive Power Is Still Used Throughout The Aluminum Electrolysis Industry. Capacitance.

            Many Suppliers Claim That The Electroless-capacitor Led Driver Power Supply Plan Will Probably Only Remove The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor At The Ac Input, And The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor At The Constant Current Output Should Be Difficult To Remove Or Replace.

            A Company Has Introduced A Triac Dimmable 13w Led Lamp With An Embedded Driver Power Supply. This Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Is Chosen Based On The Ssl2102 Drive Power Supply Plan. When I Asked About The Operating Life Of The Lamp, The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor's Life Cycle Number Will Definitely Affect The Lifetime Of The Entire Led Bulb, But Can Adopt Some Physical Methods To Alleviate This Problem, Such As The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor On The Pcb The Orientation Is Close To The Lamp Tail. Generally Speaking, Some Of The Closest To The Led Light Source Have The Highest Temperature, Which Can Reach 100-200°c. The Heat Dissipation Metal Shell Is Somewhat Inferior, Usually About 100°c. The Tail Of The Lamp Is Somewhat Low, Usually About 70°c, And Therefore Only It Is Necessary To Pay Attention To The Orientation Of The Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Close To The Lamp Tail, And Its Life Time Will Not Decay Too Fierce. Our Experiments Indicate That Its Life Span Can Reach Around 10,000 Hours, Which Is Equivalent To 10 Years Of Use Time. This Is Basically An Affordable Led Light Bulb For A Typical Home User.