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                      LED lighting applications

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                        Led Lighting, Bottom Lights, Chandeliers, Projection Lights And Other Decorative, Reflective Led Lighting Can Be Fully Qualified For Any Occasion, Including Galleries, Museums And Other Places With High Requirements For Color. However, For Large-scale Facilities Such As Shopping Malls And Office Buildings, Led Lighting As A Large-area Lighting Has Been Born, But Its Directivity (the Light Emitted By The Led Chips Is Linear, And The Divergence Is Not Good) Is Too High, Causing A Large-area Design Average. The Illumination Is Very Difficult. Lamp-type Led Lighting Fixtures Are Too Dense, The Design Cost Is Too High, And The Energy-saving Effect Is Lost. Therefore, At This Stage Of Decorative Applications, Led Lighting Fixtures Are Fully Available, And Large-area Indoor Lighting Is Still Immature.

                        1) Signal Indication Application: Signal Illumination Is A Relatively Widespread And Relatively Early Application Of Led Monochromatic Light, Accounting For About 4% Of The Led Application Market.

                        2) Display Applications: Signage, Billboards, Large-screen Displays, Etc., Led Applications For Display Screens Account For About 20%-25% Of Led Applications, And Display Screens Can Be Divided Into Monochrome And Color.

                        3) Lighting Applications:

                        1 Portable Lamps: Flashlights, Headlights, Miner's Lamps, Dive Lights, Etc.;

                        Led Lighting Track Light

                        Led Lighting Track Light

                        2 Automotive Lights: High Brake Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Reversing Lights, Etc., High-power Led Has Been Used In A Large Number Of Automotive Lighting.

                        3 Special Lighting: Solar Garden Lights, Solar Street Lights, Underwater Lights, Etc.; Due To The Small Size Of Led, Easy To Control The Dynamic Brightness And Color, It Is More Suitable For Architectural Lighting.

                        4 Backlighting: The Functions Of Ordinary Electronic Equipment Display Backlight Source, Notebook Computer Backlight Source, Large-size Oversized Lcd Display Backlight Source, Etc., Led As The Mobile Phone Display Backlight Source Is The Most Widely Used Led Applications.

                        5 Projection Light Source: Rgb Light Source For Projectors.

                        6 General Lighting: All Kinds Of General Lighting, Lighting And Other Light Sources Are Divided Into Commercial Lighting And Home Lighting.