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          "eye Eye Lamp" Really Eye Protection? Hangzhou Consumer Protection Committee Tells You The Answer

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            The Expensive "eye Protection" Lamp On The Market Is Really As Advertised. Can It "eye Protection"? Does The Quality Of The Reading And Writing Lamp Sold In The Mall Pass? On The Eve Of "61", The Hangzhou Municipal Consumer Protection Committee Jointly Affiliated With The Hangzhou Quality And Technical Supervision And Inspection Institute, And Conducted Evaluations On The Reading And Writing Lamps On The Market. On May 30, The Hangzhou Consumer Protection Committee Publicized The Test Results To The Public.

            “the Lamps Selected For This Evaluation Are Mainly Those With Relatively Large Market Sales.” Chen Hangzhou, Secretary-general Of The Hangzhou Consumer Protection Committee, Introduced 10 Batches Of Readings From Three Large Supermarkets And Furniture Stores In Hangzhou. Writing Desk Lights, Including Philips, Ops And Other Well-known Brands At Home And Abroad.

            This Test Measures The Shading, Illumination, And Illuminance Uniformity Of Reading And Writing Desk Lamps Of Each Brand. According To The Analysis Of The Experimental Results, In Recent Years, Reading And Writing Desk Lamp Manufacturing Companies Have Greatly Improved The Quality Of Various Parameters. Most Of Reading And Writing Work Table Lamp Shading, Illumination Indicators And Other Test Items Are More Satisfactory Results. However, Some Luminaires' Illuminance Uniformity And Power Factor Test Results Have Not Reached The Relevant Requirements.

            In This Experiment, Shen Yueqiang, An Engineer Of The Hangzhou Quality And Technical Supervision And Inspection Institute, Told Reporters That There Are Some Businesses On The Market That Sell Lamps Under The “eye Protection Lamp” Concept. From A Professional Perspective, There Is Actually No “eye Protection Lamp”. In This Statement, There Is No Special Effect That A Desk Lamp Has "eye Protection". "the So-called 'eye Protection Lamp', The Real Name Is A Reading And Writing Lamp, And It Is A Kind Of Lighting Product Commonly Used In Civil Lighting."

            So How Do You Give Your Child A Read/write Job? Shen Yueqiang Said That In Terms Of Security, Consumers Can Choose To Use Well-known Products With Quality Assurance. “from The Perspective Of Eye Protection, It Is To Avoid Buying Lamps That Are Too Bright Or Too Dark. You Can Buy Desk Lamps With Warm Colors. In The Process Of Use, You Must Use The Wall Or Ceiling Lights In The House.”