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        Led Automotive Headlamp Application Market Will Grow Significantly

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          It Is Reported That Ledlink, A Manufacturer Of Secondary Optical Lenses, Has Announced That It Will Start Supplying Led Headlight Lenses To Customers In South Korea In The Second Quarter Of 2018. It Will Also Be Available To Chinese Auto Lamp Manufacturers In June Of This Year. Provide Related Lens Products.

          Led Automotive Headlamp Application Market Will Grow Significantly

          About Three Years Ago, Ledlink Expanded Its Production To The Secondary Optical Lens Industry For Automotive Lighting. Working With Automotive Luminaire Manufacturers, Ledlink Has Developed 100-200 Secondary Optical Lens Models For Led Automotive Interior Lighting, Daytime Running Lights, Fog Lamps And Direction Indicators. In 2017, Ledlink’s Comprehensive Revenue From Secondary Optics For Automotive Lighting Accounted For 10% Of The Company’s Overall Revenue, With Chinese Customers Accounting For 40% Of Sales, And Europe, The United States, Japan, And South Korea Each Accounting For 15%.

          So Far, Ledlink Has Obtained At Least Four Orders For Secondary Optical Lenses For Automotive Headlights. The Company Expects Automotive Lighting Applications Will Become The Main Source Of Business Growth In 2018, And The Corresponding Revenue Will Double In The Next Three Years.

          Ledlink Has So Far Developed 4,000 Secondary Optics Lenses And Currently Has About 280 Injection Molding Machines Ranging In Weight From 45 Tons To 680 Tons.

          In 2017, Ledlink’s Net Profit Was Nt$145 Million (us$4.9 Million), Net Income Per Share Was 2.79 Ntd, And Cash Dividends Of Nt$1.8 Per Share Will Be Distributed. In The First Quarter Of 2018, The Company's Consolidated Revenue Reached Nt$290.3 Million, Gross Margin Was 40.99%, Net Operating Profit Was Nt$30.7 Million, Net Profit Was Nt$19.4 Million, And Net Income Per Share Was 0.37 Ntd.